Stark DD promotes integrated environments, with services for people with disabilities taking place in natural, community environments when possible.

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The Application process requires that potential providers complete an 8 hour certification course as well as CPR/1st Aid training. Verification of these trainings is submitted with your application. Other requirements include a BCII and FBI background check and copies of your driver’s license, high school diploma, and social security card. It costs between $250-$350 in application fees and all necessary trainings and background checks.

Once you’ve been certified:

Once you have received both letters of approval (an Initial Letter and a Final Letter of Approval), copies must be submitted to Stark DD Board. Providers can also mail them to or drop them off with the receptionist at Whipple Dale Center located at 2950 Whipple Ave NW, Canton, OH, 44708. Please send them to the attention of Danielle Shuler.

You must include an email address and phone number where you can be reached. Your information will be entered into our systems and you will receive email notification regarding how to access the following two sites:

The Provider Search Tool is the application where individuals, families, guardians and SSAs can go to search for providers and find out information about every provider. Your information will be entered into this application and you will have access to update your contact information and a tool in which you can promote your business. This is an excellent opportunity to tell everyone about your experiences and the services you provide.

If you add new certifications (services), please send a copy of the final letter of approval for additional services to us so we can add those certifications to your profile.

The Service Referral Tool is the application where SSAs can post requests for providers to provide services. Providers can go into this application and see profiles of individuals who are currently looking for a provider and contact the SSA if they are interested providing the identified services. If is important that as a provider, you read carefully each profile to determine if you are able to provide the services identified. Many individuals require that a provider have a specific skill, experience or require specific equipment or accommodations. You will receive instructions on accessing this site when you receive access to the Provider Search Tool.

Any changes to your contact information should first be completed with DODD, then update the Provider Search Tool, and then let the SSA department know.