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At Stark DD, we understand the profound impact technology can have on improving the lives of individuals with diverse abilities.

Our commitment to inclusivity drives us to provide innovative assistive technology solutions that empower people to overcome barriers and reach their full potential. Whether it's enhancing communication, fostering independence, or enabling access to information, our range of assistive technology products and services is designed to meet the unique needs of each individual.


Our Approach to Assistive Technology

We believe in a person-centered approach to assistive technology. This means understanding the specific needs and goals of each person, and tailoring solutions accordingly. Our team collaborates closely with the person served and their team to identify the most effective tools and strategies for enhancing independence and improving quality of life.

Stark County Technology Collaborative

We are a group that has come together to enhance our community’s understanding of supportive technology. This group is made up of Stark DD staff, DD providers, tech vendors, self-advocates and family members. Want to join us. Reach out to

What is AT/RS

Assistive Technology (AT)

  • Assistive Technology (AT) IconEquipment used by a person to improve functional ability and overall independence.
  • Item, hardware, equipment, software, and/Sr product system.
  • Can be authorized with or without remote supports.

Remote Support (RS)

  • Remote Support (RS)Services provided by a remote caregiver.
  • Requires live two-way communication between RS staff and person served.
  • Authorized with AT to fund the equipment or hardware needed to provide

Ready to explore how assistive technology can make a difference in your life or the lives of your loved ones?

How do you know what’s right for you? Supportive Technology can be as simple as the use of an Alexa device or smart enabled outlets around your home or as complex as Remote Support Staffing. Speaking with your SSA will help you assess the technology that is right for your needs.  

Tour the tech home – Stark County has a home that is available to tour. This home is set up with various smart appliances and assistive technology. To discuss touring reach out to

Lending Libraries – several agencies offer the availability to borrow assistive technology items to try. AT Ohio Lending Library OCALI Lending Library

Transition Age Youth – Innovative Tech Grant “Tech Matters: Empowering Youth, Transforming Futures," a project aimed at introducing innovative technology solutions to empower transition-aged youth with developmental disabilities and their families. Available to DD eligible individuals ages 14-21. Email to be considered.

Ohio Tech Ambassadors – This is a group of self-advocates invested in the use of supportive technology.  They offer events and share information on their experiences.  Ohio Tech Ambassadors

Other Technology First Resources

Explore our diverse range of assistive technology solutions, carefully curated to address a variety of needs:

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  2. Mobility and Accessibility Devices: 
  3. Learning and Cognitive Support Tools: 
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