ssa and ambassador

What SSAs Provide

The Stark DD Service and Support Administrators assist over 3,000 individuals and their families to identify and acquire appropriate services and supports.

Individuals can choose these services for themselves among a variety of additional resources.

Service and Support Administration provides advocacy to safeguard the rights and protect the interests and choices of eligible individuals. Administrators also monitor and work closely with agencies and organizations that provide services to individuals with developmental disabilities and other developmental disabilities.

Service and Support Administrators Help Identify
  • Issues and concerns of the individual and/or family
  • Outcomes that are important to the individual and family
  • Resources which an individual may need
  • Individual and family supports and strengths
  • The services and supports that will maintain and enhance the individuals health, safety and welfare
  • Transition Planning for Youth ages 14-22 moving from school to adulthood
  • Family Support Services (FSS) funding to assist families to support their loved ones/children in the family home. 


Ohio Law Mandates That SSAs in Each County Provide
  • Needs Assessment to determine the services needed and requested by an individual
  • Service Coordination and Linkage to identify, assess, and link eligible individuals with the appropriate educational, vocational, or residential setting to ensure that appropriate services are being provided while reducing duplication of services
  • Individual Service Monitoring to ensure that all services are being appropriately delivered according to the individual’s service plan and per the established timelines
  • Crisis Intervention to provide necessary emergency services to eligible individuals and their families on a 24-hour basis
  • Information and referral to respond to questions and requests from individuals in the community regardless of their eligibility for services. Here are some of the community resources available to families: Adult Advocacy and Support; Child Advocacy and Support; Benefits, Employment, Public Assistance; Housing, Food, Utilities, Transportation Assistance; Adult Health Care; and Child Health Care.