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Call: 330-477-4477
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Download the MUI Handbook to learn more about Major Unusual Incidents, how the process works and how we can work together to keep people safe.

Incident Report Form MUI FAQ

Who investigates Major Unusual Incidents?

The Investigative Services Unit at Stark DD is responsible for investigating all Major Unusual Incidents (MUIs) and developing prevention plans to reduce the likelihood of similar incidents. This unit includes a Department Supervisor, six Investigative Agents, a Registered Nurse Investigative Agent, and one clerk.

What is the role of Stark DD?

Health and Safety

Stark DD investigates Major Unusual Incidents to ensure the safety and well-being of the individuals we serve. We do this by following regulations, conducting unbiased and thorough investigations, and promoting open communication and transparency with families and other stakeholders. This helps us identify trends or patterns so we can prevent them from happening again.

Following the Rules

There are rules in place to ensure the proper handling of incidents, such as the rule in the Ohio Administrative Code, 5123:2-17-02. According to the rule, Stark DD is required to report any such incident and investigate what happened.

Collecting Information

To gather more information, Stark DD may need to talk to the person's family, especially in cases of unplanned hospital visits, medical emergencies, or accidents resulting in serious injuries, such as a broken bone.

Stark DD does not blame anyone for incidents

Sometimes, families may not be aware of these rules, and they may feel uncomfortable when asked about incidents. However, it's important to note that Stark DD does not blame anyone for incidents, and the goal is to understand what happened and how incidents can be avoided in the future.

If you ever need to report an incident or share information, you can contact the Stark DD Investigative Services Unit at 330-477-4477, or reach out to any Stark County Board of Developmental Disabilities employee.