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Follow the steps below to learn how to qualify for services.


Start the Process

Click below to fill out the Intake form and email to, or call (330) 479-3582 and ask for the Intake and Eligibility Department.

Complete the Form

For children under the age of 3, contact Ohio Early Intervention (Help Me Grow) at 1-800-755-4769, or complete an online referral form.
Complete Referral

Provide Proof of Disability

A referral for eligibility starts with the SSA Intake Specialist. A qualifying diagnosis from a medical professional (MD, DO, CNP, or Licensed Psychologist) is required and medical records are needed.

You can provide the records yourself, or the Intake Specialist can send you a Release of Information to sign, which will allow us to contact and get the records from your doctor(s).

Visit and Interview

If the records confirm a disability, the Eligibility SSA will call you to set up a time to meet you or your family member, age 6 and older, who is seeking services. They will complete an assessment with you, by listening and asking questions, and discuss what types of supports you are looking for.

State rules require our SSA Eligibility staff to determine if you or the person wanting services has limitations in several life skill areas, depending on age. 

Eligible or not eligible

You will receive a letter stating whether you or the person being assessed can receive services.

If found eligible, Stark DD will follow up with you and send you more information about the supports you requested and talked about at the interview. 
If the person is not found eligible, the letter you receive will provide information about community resources and the appeal process.

Eligibility Redeterminations

We check to see if you can keep getting services at ages 3, 6, and 16. This is called an Eligibility Redetermination.

We also check if:

  • You're moving to Stark County from another area
  • You used to get services from Stark DD, and now you're coming back
  • You're at the age where you're moving from one stage of life to another

This means that you might not always be eligible for services. If you do not agree with the results of an Eligibility Redetermination, you have the right to appeal the decision.

To get started, call the Intake and Eligibility Department at (330) 479-3582.

Life skill areas include

  • Mobility
  • Communication
  • Learning
  • Self-care
  • Self-direction
  • Independent living
  • Economic self-sufficiency
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