Special Award Winners

  • DSP of the Year | Julie Holley                              
  • Leadership | Elaine Koontz
  • Resourcefulness | Jacey Brillhart                            
  • Energy | Michell Brandjes

Oct 2022    
Holly Turner (Independent Pathways)    
Jason Strunk (Bala Management)

Nov 2022    
Samantha Ashcraft (Midwest Innovations)    
Sandi Fields  (Creative Learning Workshop)

Dec 2022
Heidi Peck  (Compassionate Innovations)
Jacey Brillhart  (Artemis Care)

Jan 2023
Barbara Wagner  (KBY Services)
Robert Craig  (Siffrin)

Feb 2023
Julie Holley (IP)
Madison Day  (X-Excel)

March 2023
Rhonda Carter (IP)
Brittney Gordon (People Helping People)

April 2023
Elaine Koontz (TWi)
Ben Carter  (IP)

May 2023
Alex Kieffer (Alliance Residential Services)
Janelle May  (Artemis Care)

June 2023
Brooklyn Pugh  (TWi)
Mary Craven (TWi)

July 2023
Sarah Beck (Midwest Innovations)
Michell Brandjes (First Christian Church)

Aug 2023
Lori Shanower (TWi)
Debora Hastings (IP)


Special Award Winners

  • DSP of the Year | Michele Lane                              
  • Leadership | Pam Kissack
  • Resourcefulness | Whitney Cresong                            
  • Energy | Shannon Jones
  • Rookie of the Year | Lucas Hill

Oct 2021    
Scott Beal (Midwest Innovations)  
Wanda Stephens (X-Excel)

Nov 2021   
Ashley Myers (ForEver Agency)
Lisa Bishop (X-Excel)

Dec 2021
Mickey Borselino (Life Bridge Services)

Jan 2022
Michele Lane (X-Excel)
Kenva Davis (Siffrin)

Feb 2022
Pam Kissack (The Shepherd's Hand)
Leslie Driver Blended Family Health Care)

March 2022
Shannon Jones (Clearview Developmental Services)
Timothy Neal (IP)

April 2022
Becky Rogers (Echoing Hills Village)
Toria Townsend (TWi)

May 2022
Kelly Fox (KBY Services)
Lucas Hill (TWi)

June 2022
Brandy Peloso (X-Excel)
Jolynn Irwin (Whitehouse Ohio Works)

July 2022
Breaunna Rentz (Alliance Residential Services)
Sandra Evans (IP)

Aug 2022
Whitney Cresong (X-Excel)


Special Award Winners

  • DSP of the Year | Laura Haas                              
  • Leadership | Rosie Montesano
  • Resourcefulness | Becky Polka                            
  • Energy | Sidney Ailiff

Oct 2020    
Nikki Bailey (X-Excel) 
Terry Lee (First Christian Church)

Feb 2021
Brandon Carey (NDSI)

March 2021
Becky Polka (TWi)
Malik Martin (House of GRACE)

April 2021
Cathy Spencer (House of GRACE)
Talitha Lawrence-Taylor (TWi)

May 2021
Samantha Carpenter (X-Excel)
Sidney Ailiff (KBY Services)

June 2021
Ellie Yeager (IP)
Ravon Wise (IP)

July 2021
Rosie Montesano (X-Excel)
Laura Haas (First Christian Church)

Aug 2021
Marci Hane (X-Excel)


Special Award Winners

  • DSP of the Year | Philip DuBose                              
  • Leadership | Christina Seich
  • Resourcefulness | Megan Gaines                           
  • Energy | Connie Carafelli

Oct 2019   
Connie Carafelli (First Christian Church)
Dale Richards Siffrin)

Nov 2019   
Christina Seich (Quality Comfort Living)
Megan Gaines (Creative Learning Workshop)

Dec 2019   
Philip DuBose (TWi)
Glenda Fry (Midwest Innovations)

Jan 2020   
Jeff Jacquet (X-Excel)
Tawnya Ware (First Christian Church)

Feb 2020
Grace Haught (X-Excel)
Randy Towles (New Horizons Developmental)

March 2020
Denny McClarren (GentleBrook)
Don Fogle (NDSI)

April 2020
Ruth Sheriff (Adult Developmental Services)
Billy Martin (ResCare)

May 2020
Terina Brazek (First Christian Church)
Leon Allender (Midwest Innovations)

June 2020
Lisa Reed (TWi)

July 2020
Amy Jewell (ABLE Group)


Special Award Winners

  • DSP of the Year | Renee Salter                              
  • Leadership | Crystal Pickens
  • Resourcefulness | Whitney Miller                          
  • Energy | Stella Stout

May 2019
Matt Boarman (GentleBrook)
Rachel Davis (Compassionate Innovations)
Renee Salter (IP)

June 2019
Donna Whitewolf TWil
Stacey Hall (UPIC)
Mary Virtue (X-Excel)

July 2019
Crystal Pickens (Midwest Health)
Kim Ware (Creative Learning Workshop)
Whitney Miller (X-Excel)

Aug 2019
Davida Jones (TWi)
Sue Gardner (Goodwill Industries)
Stella Stout (X-Excel)

Sep 2019
Pat Minor (TWi)
Tiffany Grissom (X-Excel)