How to Report an MUI

Download the MUI Handbook to learn more about Major Unusual Incidents, how the process works and how we can work together to keep people safe. 

Download an Incident Report Form.

Who can report an MUI?

MUIs can be reported to Stark DD by staff members, people with disabilities, families, providers, or the general public. All providers who are contracted, certified, or licensed to serve persons with developmental disabilities are required to report MUIs, as well as all Stark DD staff.

MUIs should be reported immediately, but no later than four hours after becoming aware of the incident, by calling the MUI Hotline, at 330-477-4477.

If an incident requires an urgent or immediate law enforcement response, (Abuse, Neglect, Misappropriation, Exploitation, Peer-to-Peer Acts) the local law enforcement jurisdiction should be notified immediately.

Who are MUIs reported to?

MUIs can be reported to the Investigative Services Unit or any Stark DD employee at any time. There is always an MUI contact available to receive reports.

The Ohio Department of Developmental Disabilities (DODD) also has a hotline 1-866-313-6733 – which may be used if there are concerns or difficulties in reporting directly to Stark DD.

What is the role of the provider?

As a provider, you are responsible for taking immediate actions to protect individuals in your setting from further harm in case of any incidents. You should report any possible incidents to Stark DD.

Incidents or allegations of abuse, exploitation, misappropriation, neglect, suspicious or accidental deaths, or any inquiries from the media regarding an MUI should be reported (immediately or) within 4 hours.

All other MUIs should be reported no later than 3:00 PM the next working day following initial knowledge of a potential or determined MUI.

Reports of abuse, neglect, exploitation, misappropriation, or death should be filed in all cases, regardless of where they occur. However, all other MUIs should be filed only when the incident occurs in a program operated by a county board or when a person is being served by a licensed or certified provider.

Prevention plans must then be implemented to reduce the likelihood of similar incidents reoccurring.

What is the role of DODD?

DODD provides oversight and technical assistance. The DODD MUI/Registry Unit reviews all MUI reports to ensure immediate action, timely reporting, good investigations, and necessary implementation of prevention plans.

DODD also conducts investigations where it would be a conflict of interest for Stark DD to complete the investigation/report.

Why are family members called for information?

The MUI system is in place to protect people with developmental disabilities. It works by looking at individual and group data to identify trends that may pose a risk to safety. Once identified, these trends are addressed, leading to better protections. The system provides a powerful tool to ensure the safety and security of the people we serve.

Trends and patterns may include lack of access to adequate health care, lack of diagnosis, lack of assessment of symptoms, or lack of identification of new problems for people with certain syndromes.

Reporting assists DODD and Stark DD in gaining a better understanding of events and helps both departments make system improvements that benefit everyone.